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Dealing With Deadlines In Executive Coaching

The clock is ticking. You need to get your project completed before the work day is over. However, you’ve had one problem after the other and you aren’t sure you can pull it off.
Most busy executives have been in this situation before. Sometimes you could have weeks to work on a project but you either procrastinated or dealt with unexpected problems. Other times you could have found out about the project at the last minute. Either way, tight deadlines can be stressful.
How can you complete your work and still maintain your sanity? Here are some executive coaching tips to help you deal with deadlines.
1. Learn to say no. The first thing you need to understand is that in order to get a tight deadline finished, it is unwise and impossible to take on any more work for the day.

So, if a senior executive comes by and tells you to do something for her, speak up. Tell them that if you take on that work, the important project will not get finished. Chances are, they will be accommodating.
2. Get help. Sometimes, there is no way you can meet the deadline without some extra help. Find a coworker who has some spare moments to help you out. In return, promise to help them with a difficult project they may be working on.

Use your staff wisely to help you complete important work. You'll help them develop and they'll help you get your project done.

3. Get an extension. This is a valuable skill to learn. How important is it for the project to be done on such a tight schedule? Why is your project so last minute? No matter the situation, seriously consider asking for an extension. Extra time, even if it is only a few extra hours or a day can make a noticeable difference in terms of quality and your stress level.

4. Definitely make sure you ask before taking the extra time. You don’t want to show up late with the project or important assignment. This can put your credibility, your promotion, and even your job at risk depending on the situation.

If you think there may be a problem meeting the deadline, let the key players know as soon as you find out. They'll respect you for giving them a heads up and you'll get more noticed if you do end up bringing the project in on time.

5. Review and evaluate. After your project is finally completed, list all the things that went wrong and why. Which of these situations were preventable? Which were out of your control? When you think about what you could have done differently, this will help make your next project or assignment deadline a breeze.

Hiring an executive coach can be one of the most valuable investments you make in your career. Performance coaching not only improves individual performance, but can also make a big difference in teamwork and team performance.

If you are interested in becoming an executive coach, you'll find executive coaching training very valuable.


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