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Executive Coaching Tip
Dealing With Criticism - Part 1

Here are some executive coaching tips to help you deal with criticism, which is something that executives often have to deal with as they climb the corporate ladder.

First, consider the source.

It's a funny thing about humans; we feel qualified to make judgments and comments about others regardless of how much we really know about them or their situation.

When you face negative criticism, start by considering the source.

Is it someone you trust and respect?

Do they know enough about you or the situation to give you feedback?

Do they have any knowledge or expertise in this area?

** Consider the intent **

Sometimes negative criticism is intended to be helpful, as in helping you to correct a perceived weakness.

Other times, however, negative criticism is thrown about with the intent to hurt, damage, humiliate, or belittle you. 

The next time someone sends negative criticism your way, consider the intent of the person giving the criticism.

Is this person trying to help you, even if they are doing it in an ineffective way?

Is this person trying to hurt you personally?

Is this person trying to make himself or herself feel better by cutting you down?

You may not be able to figure out intent right away, so take a little time to think about it and gather more information if possible.

** Consider the situation **

Negative criticism can come your way in a wide variety of situations. It may occur in the workplace, in a social setting, in the home, or within the context of a personal relationship.

The situation is important because it has a strong influence on the nature of the criticism and how you can best respond to it.

When negative criticism is directed at you, think about the situation in which it is given.

Are you at work, where criticism is likely to be focused on improving work performance?

Are you in a social setting where criticism might be partially in jest or an attempt to exert dominance?

Does the criticism come from within a personal relationship or from someone you care deeply about?

Think also about whether the criticism is given in a time of emotional stress or strong feelings.

In most cases, criticism given in "the heat of the moment" is harsher and more likely to be at least partially incorrect.

As unfair as it feels to receive criticism based on emotions, it helps to remember that you have likely given that same kind of criticism at some point in your life, take a deep breath, and resist the urge to respond in kind.

Continue to part 2.

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