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Executive Coaching And Curiosity

Curiosity is looked at as a trait that only children have. Adults are often afraid to ask questions and feel curious, for fear they will appear unintelligent. However, curiosity is often the driving force behind personal growth and career satisfaction, even for senior executives. Without it we wouldn’t try new things or increase our knowledge. Both of these are essential to growing on both a personal and professional level.

Do you want executive coaching advice on developing your curiosity?

Here are some tips:

 What you see. Curious people see the world in a different way. They observe their surroundings and notice things that other people may miss.

For example, most people drive by a house without noticing a rosebush in the yard. Curious people are not only apt to see it, they may wonder how it smells and feels. If walking, they’ll probably touch their hands to the velvety petals and thorns.

 Approach with wonder. Naturally curious people are filled with wonder. To develop your curiosity, you need to first approach the world as if it is filled with mysteries that you want answers to.

As an exercise, go outside with your notebook and write down what you see. Do this deep in nature if possible. Start each sentence with I wonder. As an example you can say things like, “I wonder why that leaf is still on the tree,” or “I wonder how old that plant is.” After the exercise is over, try to discover the answers to the questions.

 Expand your knowledge. Increasing your knowledge can also help develop your curiosity. The more you learn, the more you want to know.

Knowledge breeds a love for more knowledge. You can apply this principal to both your home and personal life. Take classes that help increase your job skills or read a book on an interesting era of history. Choose something you are interested in and go from there. Being open to new ideas and new information may even alter the course of your life or facilitate a career change.

 Embrace change. Naturally curious people are open to the different possibilities that life presents them. Not all changes are bad. Moving to Europe, for example, may appear stressful In reality, it gives you the opportunity to experience a different culture which will expand your mind. If you have a problem embracing change, start by altering the little things. If you normally wash your hair before you wash your face in the shower, reverse the order. If you normally go for your walk in the morning, go in the afternoon.

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