Time Management and Goal Setting


Finding Your Perfect Work Through
 Executive Coaching

Getting a job is more than just submitting a resume or deciding which business you want to start. Your job or business needs to fit your life, personality, and interests. However, without the proper guidance, this can be a confusing process. It is best to find a resource that will help you on your journey.
Finding Your Perfect Work by Paul and Sarah Edwards is designed to be your personal mentor, almost like a do it yourself executive coaching service.

Using self discovery exercises and other tools, they help you understand which work is best for you. They also help you develop a plan on how to achieve your goals.
The book is grouped in sections: an introduction, exploring your possibilities, choosing your path, reaching your goals, and another section embarking on your journey. So no matter which stage you are at, this book will help.
What I like about this book is that it is comprehensive. Some books only focus on the process of figuring out which job is best for you. Finding Your Perfect Work focuses on this and much more. It is one thing knowing what you want to do and it is quite another putting a plan in place that will help you get there.

Hiring an executive coach can be one of the most valuable investments you make in your career. For your personal life, personal life coaching may be a better fit.

If you are interested in becoming an executive coach, you'll find executive coaching training very valuable, or you may also want to learn how to become a life coach.


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