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Expanding Your Interests

You know the routine. You get home from work and eat dinner. When you cook, you prepare the same things all the time. When you watch television you alternate between all the same shows. It seems like you lost your zest for life.

Deep down, you wish that you were more interesting. But instead of doing something about it, you convince yourself that you will never lead an exciting life.

That simply isn't true. We live in a reality television culture. We spend our times watching others live. Pretty soon, we start to feel jealous and resent their zest. The truth is, we can all be interesting, we just need to get up and expand our interests.

Here are some executive coaching suggestions that will help:

What do you enjoy? Think about the things you enjoy. If it has been so long since you've enjoyed something, can you find something in your past? Perhaps you liked to draw when you were a child. Why not revisit that?

Do what others do. If you can't find something that interests you or that you used to enjoy, why not try something that someone you admire likes to do. Do you have a friend who likes to go sky diving? Why not give it a try. You may enjoy it and discover a whole other side of yourself.

Start small. Expanding your interests doesn't need to be as dramatic as jumping out of a plane. You can start small. Read a book or watch a television show you wouldn't normally consider. It doesn't matter how big it is as long as you step out of your comfort zone.

Explore. When was the last night you approached your area from a different perspective? Walk or drive around your neighborhood. What do you see? Perhaps you will find a new restaurant, or inspiration for a new hobby. When you approach your neighborhood with a fresh perspective, it can help you grow.

Challenge yourself. You also may want to try challenging yourself. Set a goal. Vow to try one new pursuit each week or each month. Take a painting or singing class. Learn to knit. Hike. Stick with the new pursuit for a while to give yourself a chance. Dropping the new pursuit too soon can be a sign of frustration. Once you get past the beginner's curve, you may realize that you have a new hobby.

Once you apply these principles to your life, you may realize that being exciting and interesting isn't just reserved for "privileged" people. You can also experience it.

Hiring an executive coach can be one of the most important decisions you make in your career. Performance coaching improves individual performance, and can also improve teamwork and team performance.

If you are interested in becoming an executive coach, you'll find executive coaching training very valuable.


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